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Rubbish Removal Prices

No matter what you need done, turn to Rob’s Rubbish Removal Cairns for all your household, office and green waste rubbish removal needs. Let us do all the work for you, hassle free. Every job is unique and prices are flexible, so below is a guide only. We would be happy to provide an obligation free quote, tailor made to your requirements. Prices from $ 40 per cubic metre.

  • Fridges, Washing Machines, BBQ's – From $40 per Item*
  • Furniture, Beds, Household Appliances – From $50 per Item*
  • Office Furniture and Equipment – From $50 per Item*
  • Green Waste, Palm Fronds,  – From $100 per Ute Tray^
  • Mixed Junk Load  – From $120 per Ute Tray^
  • Yard, Garage and Shed Clearances - From $ 120 per Ute Tray^
* Multiple items discounted
^ 3 cubic metre tray load
Half ute tray loads and multiple ute tray loads also available

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We offer cheaper, easier and faster rubbish removal alternatives. Let us save you time and money and do all the work for you!

DIY - Ute or Trailer Hire

  • Ute Hire Cost – From $50.00 (Not Including Deposit/Bond or Refuelling)
  • Tip Fees – $11.70

  • Petrol Refuel – $10.00
  • Your Time – $60.00*

* Includes picking up the ute, filling out the paperwork, travel times between ute hire company, home and tip and back to ute hire company, collecting and loading the rubbish, packing and securing the ute, cleaning  and refueling the ute before returning – let’s say it’s 2 hours (probably more) for 1 tip run/1 tray load at $30.00 per hour

  • Total Cost – $131.70

  • Our Price – $100^ (One Tray Load – and We Do All the Work)

Skip Bin Hire

  • 3 Cubic Metres – $130 - $ 150 (Don't Forget You Also Have to Do the all work)

  • Our Price – $120^ (One Tray Load - and We Do All the Work)

^ Price is based on vehicle access to your property and rubbish, 30 minutes free loading time and a maximum 3-cubic metre tray load.

We can remove and deliver almost anything, even kitchen sinks! As Rob says, “If it fits on my tray, I’ll take it away!” Take advantage of our affordable rates and give us a call today. Prices are inclusive of most tip fees.